9am Saturday Online Prayer Session


Would you like to Pray, Reflect, Share, Chat with Others?

24th March, 2020

In the bulletin this week, we received that news that there will be no more public masses in the parish of Our Lady of the Way until further notice. Like all parishioners, those of us who gather at the 8am Mass at Star of the Sea Kirribilli, were shocked.  While recognising how fortunate we are to have for the daily screening of Mass on Demand, we discussed ways that our community might still connect.  So at 8am on 22nd March, about twelve of us connected via Zoom.  We connected through our computers/iPads/tablets and we were able to hear and see each other.  We read the readings from the Mass of the Day and reflected on these in silence before sharing our thoughts about the readings and offered prayers.   We allowed 30 minutes for that and then we stayed on for an interactive chat (“our cup of tea”). 

Now that Mass is gradually returning, we have changed our Online Prayer Sessions to 9am Saturdays. If you would like to join us next Saturday at 9am: 

  1. First download the Zoom app

    Once you download Zoom onto your computer, you don’t need to create an account or pay to join any Plan.

    Just having the Zoom app on your computer is all you need to do.

  2. Send me an email saying you’d like to join and include your phone number.
  1. Closer to the day I will send you an email which contains a link for the meeting. (words typed in blue and underlined). 
  1. On the Saturday morning, click on the link in the email I have sent you. 
  1. At 9.00 am on Saturday, we will commence our “meeting”. I will open the meeting room about 8.45am so that those who are joining for the first time can connect.  (As I have your phone number, I may be able to call you and talk you through any difficulties you are having connecting.)  Even if you do not have a webcam on your device, you will still be able to hear and join in if you wish to.  

  2. If you wish to see the day's readings in advance, I am taking them from here.

Kay Hooper